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Improving slow performance of computer

Just like a car, bike or scooter computer is also a machine that needs regular maintenance time by time to work properly and to increase the life of computer.

Why computer get slower over time

There are of course a plethora of reasons their computer is running slow, the more you use your computer, the greater chance it has of being corrupted. When you consider the onslaught of different programs and files that your PC has to juggle, it's only natural that there can be hiccups. Corrupted files are often created during faulty shutdowns (like power surges) or an error-prone program. Slow system performance and overall unreliability can follow, leaving you at risk for a hard drive crash and data loss.In addition to corrupted files, there is also a stack of temporary files that can weigh down your system's abilities. Your computer can pick up and store temporary files when you're looking at webpages and even when you're working on files in programs, such as Microsoft Word. Over time, these files will slow your computer's performance.Internet Explorer stores visited WebPages to your computer that also consume un-necessary space on computer that slower down the PC.

Steps our expert performs to enhance the performance of the computer

  1. Remove all the temporary files from the computer.
  2. Optimize the Internet Explorer.
  3. Run Disc Cleanup.
  4. Improve the startup time of the computer by removing unwanted programs from startup.
  5. Remove all the infections from computer like Trojans, malware, virus, spywares, worm etc.
  6. Install all require updates of the operating system.
  7. Increase the virtual memory of the system.
  8. Run the Window's hard drive defragmenter.
  9. Remove conflict drivers and install updates drivers for the operating system.
  10. Remove unwanted programs, toolbar, add on etc
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