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Data Backup Support

It happens at times when an important data stored in your computer gets damaged or you completely lost it, owing to a number of technical reasons. In that situation you have to incur both financial loss and men power loss. So if you want to avert such loss, avail data backup support online from us at SOSTechnician, and stay tension free. We offer our clients efficient and fast data backup services at very affordable price.

We have a team of skilled and talented professionals who use latest tools and technology to provide you a safeguard for important documents, such as e-mails, pictures, music files and so on.

With the help of our tech. experts you can make safe copies of all of your data. Our data backup services include customization of the output format so that you can carry out your ventures as per your needs. To avail our computer data backup support, you just have to take our service plan and we will make you tension free with regard to your data. Our service plans are available for one time use to a contract of a year. If you take our one year plan, we will take care of all of your date for a whole year.

So allow us right now, our tech. experts will prepare a backup of your documents and files on CDs, DVDs or on external hard disks. If you don’t like backup through these mediums, we can offer you data backup online service also. Under this online service, our data experts will access your computers via internet and create backup of your data in virtual space. A data stored through this method is not kept in CDs, DVDs or hard drives etc, in stead the data is secured in virtual online space which you can access from anywhere.

Scope of our services includes

  • Diagnose of computers for errors and hardware issues
  • Removal of software related errors
  • Installation of security tools against online threats
  • Optimization of PC for better performance
  • Update drivers and ensure connection of your system with various peripherals
  • Creating a backup for your important files, including music, photos, home videos and personal tax records, etc
  • Securing your data at safe locations
  • Total data protection solutions
  • Skilled technicians to help backup business, financial and administrative files for multiple users
  • Instant access anytime to expert technicians via the Internet

Apart from these facilities, we are available for our clients 24 hours and 7 days a week. Then avail our data backup support right now, we promise to offer highest resolution rate in the industry.

Plan & Rates

One Year for 1 PC
Best way to try our unlimited services 24/7

12 Month
Support For All Windows & Mac Problems
Support For Virus and Spyware Problems
Support For Internet & Wireless Issues
Support For Email client Configuration
Support For Software Installation and Removal
Support For Wireless, Network Printer & many more.
No Automatic Renewal

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