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Configuring network and wireless printers

Having a wireless network printer has several benefits. There is the obvious benefit of not needing wires to connect to the printer. While it is possible to share a printer via a network connection, having a wireless printer connection adds flexibility to the network. In a traditional computer sharing the printer, the host computer for the printer would need to be turned on in order to use the printer. You do not have this restriction with a wireless network printer.

Wireless Printer Adapter

A wireless printer adapter is a device which allows your printer to be linked on a wireless network. The printer involved will need to be a USB printer. The most common technology used with wireless printer adapters is Bluetooth. There are a variety of adapters available, depending on the needed range and number of computers needed to network with the printer.

Benefits of using a wireless printer

  1. Reduce cost
  2. Mobile workforce
  3. Enhance security
  4. Clean workspace

Setting up a wireless printer

Adding a printer to a wireless network is the same as adding any other device. You will need to have a wireless printer adapter which is compatible with your printer. Generally speaking, you will need a USB printer. If your printer comes with a built in wireless Ethernet adapter, then you will not need to use a wireless printer adapter. You will need to use a wireless print server to connect to the rest of the network. You just buy a new wireless printer and don't know how to connect it to your wireless network or you wants to use your existing wireless enabled printer as wireless in your home or office then this is the right place for you.

Our specialized tech expert helps you to

  1. Configure wireless printer to wireless network.
  2. Configure network printer.
  3. Connect the wireless adapter to printer and connect to wireless network.
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